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VODs about "[Special Lecture] Han(한, 韓) People's True Lost History Revealed By Maitreya Buddha (미륵부처님께서 밝히시는 잃어버린 진실된 한민족(韓民族)들의 역사(歷史))"(No English version)

VODs about "[Urgent Lecture] Path that Han(한, 韓) People Have to Go Revealed By Maitreya Buddha (미륵부처님께서 밝히시는 한민족(韓民族)들이 가야만 하는 길(2013))"(No English version)





Prologue to Collapse of Globalisation Based on Leftism



Note : This is Maitreya Buddha and Messiah's special teaching on 2 July 2016AD. Please, click the 20th lecture '(Revised Edition) (Original Version) Heart Sutra (Special Teaching : Prologue to Collapse of Globalisation Based on Leftism)' and the 21th lecture '(Revised Edition) (Original Version) Heart Sutra (Special Teaching : Prologue to Collapse of Globalisation Based on Leftism)' if you would like to know his explanation.
※ Recently updated on 4 July 2016AD on 9:10AM. There is a huge difference between destruction of a human seong(인간성, 人間性)(namely, a soul and the soul's body) and destruction of a human seong(인간성, 人間性)(namely, a soul and the soul's body). A human seong(인간성, 人間性) destroyed by leftism can be recovered but a human seong(인간성, 人間性) can't be recovered when it is lost (when it disappears).





Today’s periodic lecture follows the inspection of an imminent important change, namely sil-sang(실상, 實相, Tattvasya laksana), Sakyamoni Hananim Buddha as the only true original Creator has given his great mercy mankind on the verge of the end of the civilisation in which people groups are living now.



First of all, you should know that Brexit result on 23 June 2016 in Britain was the British people’s brave decision in the hope that Britons clear leftism and return to liberalism based on equality, not imbalance.



Globalisation driving ordinary people to the height of both selfishness and greed was established by minority of conglomerates for the purpose of ordinary people’s enslavement by means of capitals such as money and for the purpose of destruction of human seongs(성, 性)(a soul and the soul's body), which are people’s original owners, through spread of leftism for protection of their own vested rights. Globalisation is leftism covering a new mask.



European Union led by Germany and France is an organisation founded by upper class taking up 1% of the whole population and claiming to advocate globalisation with the intention of the ordinary people’s enslavement of money or capital. Mankind living now have to know that European Union is an organisation based on leftism that puts emphasis on obsession over only human bodies and destruction of human seongs(성, 性)(souls and the souls' bodies), men’s original main characters.





British exit from European Union is the early prelude to the collapse of European Union based on leftism aimed at destruction of human seongs(성, 性)(souls and the souls' bodies), namely people’s original owners. European Union will be gradually collapsed and will disappear within a period of time.



People living on the ground should know that liberalism based on equality, not imbalance, will newly start due to Brexit by British people in Britain, a stronghold of liberalism based on equality, and will widely spread to the world, resulting in giving huge benefits to the mankind on the ground through recovery of people’s destructed human seongs(성, 性)(souls and the souls' bodies), men’s original main characters.



Brexit will help people to recover their destructed own human seongs(성, 性)(souls and the souls' bodies), men’s original main characters, leading to recovery of morality and realisation of social justice. As a result, Brexit, not wrong religions that people believe in, serves as a momentum that will lead people groups, who recover their human seongs(성, 性)(souls and the souls' bodies) known as men’s original main characters, to the way of their own salvations when the end of the civilisation on the ground comes in front of the mankind. I, Maitreya Buddha and Messiah, clearly reveal that it is the heaven’s will.



Sakyamoni Hananim Buddha, the only true Creator, has cleared primary basis of leftism and all the leftist forces in the beginning of Hu-cheon Universe(후천우주, 後天宇宙) and has set up new providence(이치, 理致, yi-chi) related to collapse of Chinese Communist Party and North Korean Communist Party besides European Union. For this reason, a huge pandemonium will happen as European Union, Chinese Communist Party, North Korean Communist Party, and other world leftist organisations being in frenzy for destruction of human seongs(성, 性)(souls and the souls' bodies) as men’s original main characters will go through process of their collapses. With the purpose of the preparation for that time, I, Maitreya Buddha and Messiah, am delivering news from the heaven. So it is hoped that leading figures will thankfully accept this and will be realized that it is a wise method that coping with disorder in advance follows turing over new leaves.





It has to be known that most of all the world mass media and politicians are communized because they have been influenced by globalisation that destroys human seongs(성, 性)(souls and the souls' bodies) as men’s main original characters and drives people fetishize only abilities of human bodies.


The leftists in Han-guk(한국, 韓國) wrongly known as South Korea have been deceiving people under a gimmicky slogen ‘ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY’ for their aims of changeover of Han-guk(한국, 韓國)’s democratic system to communist economy system and foundation of the leftist government. So the people have to boycott constitutional amendment that leftist forces instigate for their seizure or power and have to concentrate all their energy on reformation of the communized National Assembly.



Kim Dae-jung, one of the most vicious deities and one of former presidents in Han-guk(한국, 韓國), got the North Korean People's Armies involved in the 1980 Gwangju Uprising, wrongly known as May 18 Democratic Uprising, of which its investigation has to be launched for revelation of its truth. And a contingent working system that the guy named as Kim Dae-jung introduced in his presidency for the first time has to be abolished.


In addition, the contingent working system brought about birth of labour aristocracy class that has to be clean, being accompanied by collapse of leftist forces’ trap pits and renovation of conglomerate-centered policies under instigation of conglomerates advocating Neo Liberalism, an evolved leftism. Thereby, I say repeatedly that there will be a born-again Han-guk(한국, 韓國) with establishment of right morality and social justice in the wake of recovery of human seongs(성, 性)(souls and the souls' bodies), men’s original main characters.



After the 1980 Gwangju Uprising, former presidents including Roh Tae-woo, Kim Young-sam, Kim Dae-jung, Roh Moo-hyun, and Lee Myung-bak were left-wing presidents with leftism.


The exact truth of the 1980 Gwangju Uprising has not been revealed yet because the former presidents have been mad in deceiving the people and communizing the people’s mindset, clamouring for ‘globalisation’, which is a term unfamiliar to the people.



I would like to ask again why they haven’t known globalisation is a term for world’s communisation based on leftism.


Until now, the exact sil-sang(실상, 實相, Tattvasya laksana) about the 1980 Gwangju Uprising has been investigated owing to deceiving the people and the judicature is in charge of destruction of social justice.



On this account, majority of the people living in Han-guk(한국, 韓國) now have been changed to the people with leftism. And the National Assembly has been communized because most of the National Assembly members except for a few members of the ruling party are left-wing members. Under the communisation of the National Assembly, bills covered with leftism as facts have been submitted to the National Assembly by the left-wing members for suppression of conservative organisations as trials to seal the truth of the 1980 Gwangju Uprising.



The people have to know clearly the fact that the society in Han-guk(한국, 韓國) has been changed to a corrupt society in absence of morality and social justice.



I, Maitreya Buddha and Messiah, is telling you as I watch the Brexit result of Britain that there will be no future of Han-guk(한국, 韓國) if these comments are not considered importantly.





Leftist forces are people groups scheming societies for educational heredity, etc. of only rich people in the highest social class, 10 % of the total population. There are some examples in this context. Pyongyang, the largest city of North Korea, is modernised and looks developed. Even people living in Pyongyang are rich while the rest of the people in North Korea are living like slaves under the community party. Majority people living in the large cities in Britain such as London, Oxford, Cambridge, etc. voted to Remain in Britain's EU referendum held on 23 June 2016, which is related to this context. In addition, law school system in Han-guk(한국, 韓國) is said to be one of its examples.



Globalisation is a system that generally communizes politics, economy, society, and culture. Its ultimate goal is destruction of a human seong(성, 性)(a soul and the soul's body) named as bon-seong(본성, 本性, svabhāva, a original seong), a man’s main character, placed as an inner soul and its body. Hereby, it is hoped to be recognized that people, who are strongly obsessed by human physical instincts, are the globalised people.


Note : The word 'Bon-seong(본성, 本性, svabhāva, a original seong)' or 'a seong(성, 性)' is translated as nature into English but it is not correct. In addition, a human seong(성, 性) in Hangeul and Han-mun(한문, 韓文) is also wrongly translated as a human nature into English. The word 'seong(성, 性)' means a soul and a soul's body so it doesn't have to be tanslated as 'nature' into English.


Leftism is the ideology that makes full use of abilities that a human body has by denying existence of an evolved human seong(성, 性)(a soul and the soul's body), a man’s original owner, and being obsessed by a human body as a mere human kit that evolves much less than the human seong(성, 性) evolves. Its characteristics are instigation and violence.



European Union having this leftism is a group of countries exercising violence by means of money. If young people are dyed with leftism that European Union has, they will have corrupt spiritual world pursuing only pleasure for human bodies, having loss of both morality and social justice.


Metaphorically speaking, a tiger moth is caught in a left-wing net and is trying to get out from it. Like this, the young people fall into the poor.



Leftists clinging to human bodies cosmicly evolve 5 billion years slower than conservative people considering human seongs(성, 性)(souls and the souls' bodies) as important evolve. It is said that in democracy, the people are owners of the democratic society but the leftists often use the term of democracy a lot, which makes ordinary people confused and propagates their false image of evolved forces. In human evolution, leftist people evolve far less than conservative people do. I reveals that leftists deceive people by naming themselve as progressive people now.